ATL Workshop at Sankardev Vidya Niketan

A two days hands-on training programme was organised by the Department of Instrumentation & USIC, Gauhati University on 16th March and 17th March, 2024 at Sankardev Vidya Niketan, Bishnupath, Guwahati.

The objective of the programme was to familiarize teachers from different Sankardev Vidya Niketans with the electrical components, devices, and microcontrollers provided in the Atal Tinkering Laboratory, an intiative by Government of India.

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The participants were given detailed lectures along with practical sessions writing codes for microcontrollers in the C programming language from the basic level. In addition to that, hands-on session on interfacing of various devices such as gas sensors, touch sensors, soil moisture sensors, RGB LEDs, flex sensors, ultrasonic sensors, LCDs, and seven-segment displays with microcontrollers, were provided. Modelling of 3-D design using 3-D printer were along with soldering of circuits were also demonstrated in the 2-days programme.


 DSC 4067  DSC 4078


Thirty (30) teachers from different Sankardev Vidya Niketans all over North-East India participated in this workshop.