Workshop on Industrial Automation at Arya Vidyapeeth College

A two-day hands-on training program based on Mobile Skill Development Vehicle for Industrial Automation was organized at Arya Vidyapeeth College 2-3 March, 2024.

The primary motive of the workshop was to inspire passion for technological innovation and development of skills for Industrial Automation. It was a part of the skill development and outreach programme of Gauhati University. The workshop was conducted by the Department of Instrumentation & USIC, Gauhati University in collaboration with the Arya Vidyapeeth College.

 Twenty-nine (29) undergraduate students of various departments of the Institution participated in it.

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The participants were introduced to PLC-based systems, equipped with various types of sensors such as mechanical sensors, proximity sensors, temperature control, water level control, DC motor control, and AC motor control. Mechanical and proximity sensors were used for input or to create different logic functions, timer operations, and counter operations. Proximity sensors, including optical, inductive, capacitive, and limit switches, were demonstrated in the hands-on sessions. In addition to this, students received an overview of HMI and SCADA systems. Finally, the students were introduced to the programming languages used to develop PLC logic in industrial applications.

Ms. Chayanika Sharma, Ms. Hiramoni Khatun and Mr. Ankur Jyoti Kalita from Gauhati University served as resource persons for the workshop.

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